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Loading Dimension Tables with SSIS

A talk by Todd McDermid

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November 23, 2010 4:00 AM

The SCD Wizard included in Integration Services is easy to get started with, and has all the features you need for smaller, simple dimension processing. However, it isn’t the easiest component to adjust, and doesn't perform very well with larger dimensions. Find out how to optimize the Wizard, and learn three alternative techniques for processing changes to dimension tables using SSIS: "rolling your own SCD" with Lookups and Conditional Splits, using the T-SQL MERGE statement, and leveraging third-party components like the Kimball Method SCD. You’ll learn their strengths and weaknesses by watching the application of each technique to an easy to understand sample data set. If you don’t already know what a slowly changing dimension is, and what kind of ETL is required to update it – you need to find out before attending. Once you do, and have tried at least one of these techniques, this session will give you the options you’re looking for.

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