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Custom Post Types & Taxonomies

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December 4, 2010 5:00 AM

University of Kentucky Shelby Campus, Louisville, KY

University of Kentucky Shelby Campus, Louisville, KY

With the release of WordPress 3 earlier this year came a lot of great new features. The top two favorites of mine are the new menu system and the support of custom post types and taxonomies. The ability to create a custom type of content entry and custom tags and categories for those types or the built-in types of posts and pages, can help turn a WordPress install into a custom content management system. There are already a ton of plugins out there that really boost the functionality and make it easier to create and manage them as well.

In this session at WordCamp Birmingham we’re going to go over how to interact with custom types and taxonomies with templates, queries, and plugins. In no time, you’ll be singing the their praises too.

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