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UX: Use [Your] Xperience

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June 16, 2015 2:00 AM

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

After standing on the edge of a cliff and leaping into the unknown spaces of video, social media and App development before these types of jobs even existed in a Fortune 50 company, scared to become consumer transparent, while risking career and reputation, Sandy wriggled and juggled one new idea after another developed by her team. Her primary goal: protect their creativity and program expansions while keeping an eye on doing what is right thing for the consumer.

But how do you reinvent yourself when it all comes crashing down? How do you look at your life and laugh when you would rather cry? Join Sandy for a fast paced 25-minutes of some good laughs, a few nuggets of wisdom she has learned over 20 years of managing people, process and programs, and the challenge she will throw out to encourage you to look at your personal balance of work and volunteerism. Small non-profits are so far behind because of the lack of funding, access to talent, and of course, the altruistic thought that for every dollar you spend on technology and new media is a dollar less you are helping others with.

This will challenge you to take the next level to make sure that it all counts – your day, your job, your life.

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