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The Seven Deadly Sins of UX Design

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June 16, 2015 2:45 PM

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

The Seven Deadly Sins…not just the basis for a wicked Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman/Kevin Spacey/Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle, but also a même as medieval as the Middle Ages. When we work in areas of UX, we sometimes become prone to the Seven Deadly Sins of UX:

Lust: Man, I wish my designs were as cool as Apples.

Greed: We UXers should be responsible for business vision, technical specifications, data architecture, and marketing and branding. It's all UX, right?

Gluttony: I want to do more user research. Just six more months and I’ll be ready…oh, and more visual design comps, more annotation, more moar.

Envy: Why can't I be as famous as Dan Brown or Jesse James Garrett or Jared Spool?

Anger: Developers get all the money, time, and attention on a project. Damn them!

Pride: I think my design is the best that ever was, the best that ever could be.

Sloth: I'll get around to learning Angular.js…one of these days.

This talk takes a lighthearted look at a serious area for us to improve our skills, relationships, and results. I'll talk about why we need to be cognizant of these attitudes and how we can avoid them.

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