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June 17, 2015 10:50 AM

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Craftsmanship and creativity are inextricably linked and challenge us to rediscover and resuscitate the craftsperson in each one of us. The tension in this approach is that it takes time, a precious commodity in an accelerated, technology-driven world. Craft Value; Value Craft opens up the discussion and asks us to take a moment and recall WHY WE DESIGN: Our love for the craft, our desire to create value and improve the lives of others and our care to build great brands, products, and services.

As conscientious designers committed to excellence in our industry, we are called to thoroughly assess our work and improve our own skills in order to master our craft and better serve others. Only through careful attention to honing our own abilities can we possibly instill value and aspiration into future generations.

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