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Intelligent Unemployment Claims: A Southwest Airlines Case Study

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June 30, 2015 7:00 AM

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

You will learn how Southwest leverages data and intuitive technology to analyze prior state determinations, identify sources of non-compliance, and develop the most effective strategy for claims management. Discover how Southwest has identified multiple unemployment cost saving opportunities though predictive claims response and enhanced tax strategies, positively impacting their bottom line. You will come away with actionable strategies for reducing unemployment costs through the next generation of intelligent claims response. This session will help you: · Identify and eliminate sources of non-compliant claims response (in accordance with recent UI Integrity legislation.) · Understand how to leverage industry data and advanced technology to accurately predict the success rate of "protested" claims. · Recognize various strategies for reducing improper and fraudulent charges to an organization's state unemployment account. · Utilize industry benchmarking of peer organizations to identify performance improvement opportunities.

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