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Work 4.0: The Future of Work

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June 30, 2015 10:45 AM

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

When cavemen went to work each day, the impact and rewards were quick and clear. Today, that's not always the case and it continues to change. We'll do a quick review of the history of work, the workplace and the workforce. Using current research, we will examine where work and workers are going, how work is changing and where work is likely to be by 2050. Richards will share the implications of a future workplace and workforce on HR today. Work won't be anchored around skyscrapers; it'll be anchored around Skype. Office will be cemented as something you do, not a place you go. And the Gen Z's who are in grade school today? They'll be running the show! Join an HR futurist and global presenter on workforce strategy and evolution as we get a glimpse into the future of work.

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