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Developing and Being More Effective Internationally

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June 30, 2015 10:45 AM

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

This session will provide an overview of SHRM?s global and cultural effectiveness competency, review current global HR trends, and provide best practices for effectively conducting business internationally.

The pace of globalization has increased and many employees in multinational firms have not globalized as quickly as required. This session will review top global HR trends and challenges as well as provide practical tips to connect, build trust, and develop business across borders. You will learn:

  • A working definition of global and cultural effectiveness and an overview of the eight sub-competencies that comprise it, and 14 recommended behaviors that help you achieve it.
  • The current top 10 challenges for international HRM from two different perspectives.
  • The 11 tips for building trust and cultivating solid personal relationships across cultures that lead to effective business.

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