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How to Buy Off-Lease Computers

A talk by Emmanuil Kozlov

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March 17, 2015 4:05 AM

Off-lease computers are any desktops or laptop computers which have been leased by an equipment leasing company for a specific period of time. After the leasing period and the product has been returned, manufacturers will totally inspect the item, repair any damages and sell them at prices far below the newer units. In order to get the best deal, it is important to investigate how the unit was repaired, what were the damages, evaluate the warranty plan and compare features and prices to other leased equipments.

Axis Capital group Inc., a group of individuals providing quality equipment leasing services along with superior customer service, has tips for you on how to choose off-loose computers for your daily needs:

  1. Determine what you need.
  2. This includes the purpose of your need of the computer. Is it only for word documents? For internet? For video production and editing? The ability to support your need of high speed internet or inclusions of external devices like flash drives or CDs is vital when purchasing your equipment.

  3. Trust the Leading Sellers

  4. A friend of mine from Jakarta, Indonesia actually advised this when I was in the midst of creating a blog. Identify the Sellers that already have a reputation for providing quality off-lease equipment. These sellers should have strict standards when it comes to repairing computers. This will prevent you from getting involved in scams and fraudulent acts that are nowadays plaguing the industry.

  5. Consider Features Included

  6. The type of RAM and ROM used in the hardware should also be considered. Its Operating System, and the inclusions of equipment such as built in camera and speakers should also be actively looked into. Review the essentials you need and search for more additional features which you might also need in the future.

  7. Research the Unit

  8. You can research about the computer model, its origin and the features it provide to know if the strict re-certification is actually true. You can also use both online and offline sources to investigate.

  9. Determine the warranty plan

  10. Some off lease computers will come with a basic warranty that is good for anywhere from a few months to a calendar year from the date of purchase. Take the time to look closely at the terms of those warranties and identify the ones that offer the greatest level of protection during the warranty period.

  11. Compare Prices

  12. If the item already suits your needs, now take time to compare prices to other similar items. Settle for the best product that has the best feature, comes with a good warranty and competitive price.

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