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Pre-conference Workshop: Crafting the Discovery Phase: First Steps in Effective IA Projects

A talk by Dan Brown at 2015 IA Summit

About the Talk

April 22, 2015 8:30 AM

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

"Should we combine products and solutions?" This is the question everyone in marketing wants to know. It's practically the rallying cry of the IA working in marketing. For the IA working on an intranet: "Of all the information on the intranet, what should go on the home page?" Or for a web-based app: "We have no idea how big this thing really is." You can answer these questions with research, yes, but unless you understand the results in context, and align the team around the direction, your project will fall apart.

Discovery is the portion of the project that incorporates research, analysis, exploration, and planning to align teams around a foundation. This foundation is the bedrock of subsequent design activities. It gives design teams a way to answer questions and validate their ideas. It reminds project participants what's in scope and out of scope. It constitutes the collective background knowledge informing your specific product. Great discovery phases make for great projects. This workshop will help participants craft the perfect discovery phase.

Session Takeaways

  • The essential ingredients for any discovery phase
  • The range of discovery activities and how to choreograph them
  • The right participants for the discovery process
  • Which deliverables make the most sense in the discovery process
  • How to incorporate discovery into new projects and projects in-flight.

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