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Pre-conference Workshop: Usable Usability – A Simple, Effective Roadmap for UX Team Members

A talk by Eric Reiss at 2015 IA Summit

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April 22, 2015 9:00 AM

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

If people cannot use something you make, then you have a serious problem. Usability is the science of ensuring that websites, applications, physical products and even offline services, do what they are supposed to do and that people can succeed with whatever tasks your “stuff” has been designed to help them with.

This eye-opening workshop will introduce you to an alternative way to cut the usability cake – a method for evaluating and improving products and services in a truly lean and agile way – a way that has proven successful with clients, business students, and seasoned usability professionals alike. It even includes a hands-on technique for individuals within a large organization to carry out guerilla-style usability hacks that show the value of usability to the people in charge of the budgets. If users shouldn’t be expected to think, we, as designers, need to do the thinking for them! We MUST think! This workshop builds on Eric’s best-selling book, Usable Usability, from John Wiley & Sons.

Session Takeaways By the end of the day, participants will have an actionable roadmap that not only pinpoints key problems that should be addressed, but helps prioritize them for maximum gain with minimal expense. This is a workshop for everyone working on a UX team, not usability facilitators. My aim is to get everyone on the team to think of how their own work affects the usability of a product, site, or service and to make meaningful contributions while developing a project.

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