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Pre-conference Workshop: Practical Modeling: Making the Invisible Visible

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April 23, 2015 8:30 AM

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

IA practitioners are encountering problem spaces that are more complex than ever before. Before we can dive into the particulars of interfaces, we must work with stakeholders to address the challenges of cross-channel ecosystems, huge enterprise platforms, and decentralized content delivery. But how can we collaborate on architecture without the entanglements of design detail?

Enter modeling.

Modeling allows us to work with abstraction as tangible objects; it brings physicality to language, decisions, and conceptual relationships that make up and underpin the ecosystems we work with. It allows us to analyze and collaborate more efficiently, with less effort and distraction. It is especially valuable for:

  • Discovering and defining “why” we should do something and “what” we should do before jumping into “how” we should do it
  • Untangling complex concepts in order to explain something to yourself
  • Collaborating about (and deciding on) functional capabilities as a group prior to fussing with interfaces
  • Grappling with abstract and quantitative data and their intersections
  • Understanding and relating the parts of big, complex systems
  • Exploring and creating semantic structures and frameworks

Session Takeaways

  • Confidence in modeling ability
  • Understanding of when modeling will benefit a project
  • Knowledge of the major modeling modalities and modeling best practices
  • Ability to use modeling to better understand complex problems
  • Insight into when collaborative model creation and discussion works and why

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