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Take Your Own Advice - Self Ethnography, Collaboration and Play

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February 9, 2011 4:30 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

We're distracted, over-worked and sanitized in white-washed, data driven offices; how easy it is to forget to practice UX skills for its own sake? Thinking with our hands, real-time problem solving with ink, paper, and our cranium, it's our biggest asset... that were too overbooked to use. And it's affecting our output. We sit at a desk, meet deadlines, answer email, and shuffle to meetings; our hands, passive instruments, clicking and scrolling. If thinking is making and doing, well...maybe we should do that. Let's use the same ideation, games, collaboration and design methodology to get back what the grind takes away. Together we'll sharpen our collective brains, conjure novel thoughts and use our hands to awake the creative mind. Take aways: -We'll learn ways to collaboratively play and ideate within a team. -Experience how prototyping methodologies can problem-solve for us in real time. -Use our own design thinking, research and discovery to enable a better, less fragmented creation and innovation process.

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