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Designing Advanced Design

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February 9, 2011 9:00 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Design has become increasingly recognized as a means for businesses to innovate and move ahead of competition. With this recognition comes an increased demand on internal design teams. However, the increase in work leaves a lot less breathing room for designers to give organizations the long view on its products and strategies that they need. Designers too, can easily fall to short term tactics as standard operating procedure. Enter the "Advanced Design Team", a subset of design resources that is set aside to work on projects that the core team cannot. But while setting aside designers to focus on the future is important, it comes with new sets of challenges and pitfalls. How should the team be resourced? Who should be on the team? How should it be organized? What is the objective? Who is the customer? And possibly most important, how does it impact the company? This workshop will explore the challenges and opportunities in establishing an "Advanced" team within your design studio. With a focus on illustrating how to achieve impact through your larger company, Mike Kruzeniski will share illustrated examples of advanced design projects from Microsoft, Nokia, and others. The group will look at operational models for advanced design through hands-on exercises, to help participants consider how they would create (or refine) an advanced team in their own studio.

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