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Design Imperatives from the Roman Empire to the Nasa Space program and Beyond

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February 10, 2011 5:00 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Making sense and gaining advantage through a pragmatic understanding from the front lines of the Web ? using the lessons of history from the Roman spread of civilization to the Nasa Space Progam and through to an insider's view of the design world over the last 10 years. The danger we face as people ?designers, leaders, strategists, team members ?is that as we grow larger, we can get farther and farther away from each other, and ultimately farther away from the people we design for. Learn from a leader in bringing a dedicated business sense to the Design world about the power of proximity in creating satisfaction and achievement in both a personal and professional arena. Using his own unique path from US Navy Nuclear Engineer to Harvard MBA to leadership roles at IDEO, Frog Design and Adaptive Path, Michael will frame both the business and organizational imperatives for the new millennium, based on a renewed sense of team-building, expression and client understanding ? and the maximum impact that we can gain from applying our internal best practices to our external audiences. What are the structures we need to put in place to design and maximize the closeness of designers, engineers, users, and business decision makers ? using the tools and technologies we have now? If we don't stay true to our core, how can we design for others?

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