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Atomizer: Microcontent and the Future of IA

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April 25, 2015 9:00 PM

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

Digital content experiences emerging in the next decade will look, feel, and be consumed very differently from those of today. As today’s “app and page” consumption paradigm gradually recedes, replaced by a much more immediate, fragmented, and continuous core experience, content management organizations face a point of consequence.

The demands of emerging digital experiences threaten to strain traditional enterprise content management approaches to the breaking point. Enterprise IA organizations will be forced to evolve to meet the complexity of this challenge by becoming increasingly granular in their content and information modeling. This shift will place heavy emphasis on the development of flexible information models containing rich secondary data to describe increasingly small, interoperable, and portable units of content.

Session Takeaways Get in front of this paradigm shift before your organization gets buried in its own confusion. Learn what steps you can take as you begin to prepare your organization’s information model to accommodate the content and data demands of these rich new experiences. See how the discipline of Information Architecture is theoretically well-suited to meet this challenge, but must also adapt and evolve in the ways it is practiced on the ground.

This session will begin by demonstrating how the trend toward micro-content is unfolding, citing examples of how emerging digital experiences are straining the framework of traditional taxonomy, metadata, and attribution approaches. It will then describe how rich, sophisticated enterprise information models designed to accommodate these shifts can evolve to meet the demands of data-rich, microcontent-driven digital experiences, focusing on the first steps organizations can take to prepare.

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