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What do you do, anyway? - Describing IxD to the Outside World

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February 10, 2011 5:30 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

In the time that I've worked with interaction designers and written about the IxD field, I've noticed a consistent discrepancy between the discussions that occur within the profession, and the impressions of those outside it. Interaction designers tend to have excellent communication skills when it comes to any topic other than interaction design. This is a real problem for the profession, which is missing opportunities to extend its influence and utility by communicating how valuable it is. It's an even bigger problem for designers outside of IxD, who continually reinvent the wheel when they fail to realize that many of today's design problems are, in fact, the bread and butter of Interaction Design. This session presents IxD as seen from the outside, starting with 10-15 quotes and/or video clips of non-interaction designers attempting to describe the value of IxD and the skillset needed to pursue it. It then summarizes these external perceptions (as well as my own) and contrasts them with the dialogs within IxDA and among acquaintances in the Portland IxD community. It concludes with suggestions for narrowing thisdiscrepancy through the use of metaphor, familiar terminology and example-driven storytelling.

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