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February 10, 2011 6:00 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Have we lost balance in life? Our daily routine moves in hyperdrive with content creation, curation, and consumption at every step. It is now possible to shoot, edit, and upload a video before your morning coffee, yet it is also possible to spend an entire 8 hour shift without leaving the warm glow of Google reader. Designers and developers now have the tools to build highly influential devices and systems which users can be defenseless against. From the eyes of our clients, we are designing beautiful systems where users pleasantly consume glorious amounts of rich content, yet how is this impacting our overall lives? We are now only a misguided click from falling down a rabbit hole of continual consumption. As we witness more and more people being constantly connected to at least one form of media, we must consider the ugly side of our beautiful designs. I wish to analyze the balance of consumption, curation, and creation throughout history and will attempt to determine what an ideal balance is. I will then estimate when, where, and how today's designs have influenced our everyday balance of life. Finally I will instruct upon how to design systems which encourage a positive change towards a healthy balance in life. As a community that prides itself upon a building a better world, it's time to turn hyperdrive off, and take a much needed step back to ensure that we are moving in a positive direction.

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