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The visual interface is now your brand

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February 10, 2011 10:00 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Like it or not, more and more interactions between companies and their customers are occurring via an interface. Careful consideration of the interaction and visual design is of paramount importance to any company wishing to grow their customer base or loyalty. The importance of visual interface design has risen sharply since the introduction of smart phones and tablets and is becoming ever more complex. Executives now care more than ever about the visual interface and what it means to their brand. So how does one stand out? This talk will help designers create visual interfaces for dense, complex products and make their experiences memorable and useful. The talk highlights some of the key differences between more traditional visual design mediums and designing for the interface. It will also discuss how to design a unique visual interface but put the needs of users first, how to add surprise and delight to critical moments of the experience, and how craftsmanship and attention to detail can set you apart in a visually complex medium.

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