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Tacky and Proud: Brazil's Tecnobrega Audiences

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February 10, 2011 11:20 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

This talk will present the innovation process, the implementation of participatory culture and the appropriation of technologies as it is experienced in Tecnobrega, Brazil's "Cheesy Techno". This music turned many conventions of the mainstream music industry upside down. Its musicians decided to forgo copyright in favor of allowing their music to circulate (and mutate) freely. Today, in a city with very limited economic resources, Tecnobrega is a thriving, commercially viable, industry. The genre's audiences, not only assist in the circulation of content, but through their socializing (on and off-line), they create and trade symbolic capital that directly affects the popularity, and consequently the perception of value, of various parts of the industry. Tecnobrega's commercial success relies as much on the non-monetary contributions of Tecnobrega audiences and fans as it does the market forces that shape the production and distribution of cultural goods. A good part of its legitimate revenue, for instance, is drawn from sales through 'pirate' street vendors and of 'unprofessional' live recordings. Similarly, Tecnobrega's equipes ? the groups super-fans of the genre organize themselves into ? eventually see financial rewards for their proselytizing and evangelizing of the culture. Brazil's has become an increasingly relevant market; this case study offers a glimpse into its proactive, heterogeneous and creative audiences. It is the result of ethnographic research I conducted while at the Convergence Culture Consortium at MIT.

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