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Macro vs. Micro

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February 11, 2011 5:00 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

With today's ever advancing technologies?better tools, frameworks, libraries? software/web development is becoming increasingly faster in many regards. Yet in large companies, the processes for designing, developing and deploying software/web products remains cumbersome. To a great extent, the processes have remained the same for nearly a decade, and are very slow. On the other hand, smaller companies (startups) are able to go from inception to deployment in very little time. They are able to iterate and experiment with new features sometimes on a daily basis. Can large companies learn from small company processes, and vice versa? Kalani Kordus and Karl Adam will juxtapose their large company (yahoo!), large team experience with their small company (smudgeproof), small team adventure. Their current design/development process?a mashup of traditional and progressive techniques?is akin to musical improvisation, Dirty Jobs and UFC cage fighting.

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