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Fun with non-digital solutions

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February 12, 2011 6:30 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

This session will show a variety of non-digital solutions to interaction problems, i.e. that did not involve making a website or coding an app. These are found solutions, not my own, and come from a variety of sources. For example: Encouraging community members to send texts about crime and problems in the community to the local police. (Greater Manchester Police, UK) Creating jobs in town councils for specific roles such as 'waste strategy awareness manager', who interact with community members to provide and collect information (various town Councils, UK) Using pets to keep seniors active and social. (Personal family; external research) Providing community supported agriculture boxes to undergraduate university residences. (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) By demonstrating a variety of successful solutions to problems, the goal is to broaden the pallet of tools interaction designers consider. This is not to suggest that digital solutions are inferior, but to demonstrate a variety of approaches and to initiate discussion around how different approaches might be appropriate for different situations. This would be most interesting to individuals working for clients and looking for solutions to existing problems, particularly those working for community/government clients interested in social innovation. The specific examples might be less interesting to theorists and artists, but they might also benefit from discussing a variety of solutions to interaction problems.

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