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Afternoon Keynote: Brenda Laurel

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February 12, 2011 9:00 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Vectors of change shoot through the history of interaction design, from the invention and evolution of technologies to myriad cultural and social transformations that have shaped and been shaped by interactive media. Among these, the notion of authorship has undergone extraordinary change since I became involved in interactive media 35 years ago. My first book, Computers as Theatre, explored a metaphor for framing human-computer interaction so as to enrich our notions of interactivity and offer some new ways of thinking about its design. As network topologies have morphed and multiplied, the very notion of 'authoring' interactive media has become more subtle and complex. Each great landmark of change - from the videogame console to emergent phenomena like social networking - has challenged and changed the idea of design authorship. In a parallel vein, authorship as a legal idea has been successively reworked. This talk uses theories and strategies of authorship as a way to examine some of the greatest changes in interactive media over the past three decades, and to speculate about how models and methods of authorship may inform the future of interaction design.

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