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Beautiful Interactions: Codifying Aesthetics In Interaction Design

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February 12, 2011 10:30 AM

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

In established design fields ? i.e., architecture, graphic design, and industrial design ? much has been written about what makes design under these classifications beautiful. Common design elements such as form, line, balance, unity, variety, rhythm, contrast, texture and color have been analyzed and presented to design students for decades, resulting in codified visual languages that constitute good design. But as system interactions that span two or more of these older disciplines become an increasing part of our everyday lives, what of the relatively new field of interaction design, the beauty of which is not generally confined to the visual? What are the design elements that make an interaction beautiful and to what human senses do they appeal? In what ways are these beauty-forming elements similar or different from other design disciplines? Which ones are new? Which are shared? Through cross-analysis of these related design fields and general notions of beauty throughout the world, I will define what makes an interaction beautiful and propose a theoretical framework for codifying design elements in interaction design.

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