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Conquering Inexpressive Web UIs with D3.js

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April 21, 2015 1:30 PM

San Francisco

San Francisco

Data on the web can be represented in many ways, and is often represented in multiple ways at once. Maintaining template libraries to support growing applications is increasingly difficult. Templates often lack great abstractions, and markup mixed with code is hard to write in a way that demonstrates clear purpose or intent. The requirement for working with dynamic, everflowing data is hampered by existing methodologies. Have hope: there are some techniques to conquer these problems.

This talk works through using and extending D3.js to expressively generate a page. Driven by an example of D3.js that generates visual and table-based representations of data, refactored to make expressive code that shows clear intent. We’ll wrap it all up by showing how D3.js enables us to easily use websockets for live data representations.

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