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Rising Star: Modules in the Browser: Finally

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June 2, 2015 2:25 PM

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Join Matthew to learn about the emerging standards that will finally make modules a built-in part of JavaScript. We’ll start with ES6 modules and its syntax, and why the decision was made to make it backwards incompatible with ES5. From there we’ll dive into the important stuff; the W3 Loader. Whether you’ve used RequireJS, Browserify, or others, you’ll see the influences they’ve brought to the new Loader standard. We’ll discuss each hook in the loading process; normalize, locate, fetch, translate, and instantiate, and hack them to build a custom loader of our own. Once you’re sold on modules in the browser you’ll learn about the projects that are making it possible to use these new features today. What You’ll Learn: The basic syntax that will be used for importing and exporting values from JavaScript modules coming in ES6. What a Loader is and how that relates to the System Loader in browsers. And projects that are making it easy to work with Loader-based applications today: SystemJS, StealJS, and StealTools for production builds.

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