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Visualize & Attack - Keys to Standing Out in Today's Job Market

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April 1, 2015 11:00 AM

Greenville, NC

Greenville, NC

Can you see the end in sight; completing a very sought after business degree from East Carolina University is no longer just a dream but now in fact, more of a reality - so what next? Despite what picture the media, bloggers or your Twitter/Instagram followers may be painting, the truth is there’s a cold, unapologetic professional world awaiting your arrival post-graduation. If you want to find out what uncomfortable habits must be applied today and throughout your future that are proven to not only increase the likelihood for landing that dream job but also ensure long-term success, come listen to former ECU Student Body President and 2008 College of Business Alumnus, Drew Griffin as he reveals his own rules of the road and why turning down job offers should be a staple in your employment search.

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