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Quality Driven Web Acceptance Testing

A talk by Amir Barylko at mvcConf 2

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February 8, 2011 5:00 AM



Using automated acceptance tests in any web application is a key factor to be able to run regression tests and make sure that we stay focus on providing value to the client. However sometimes is hard to create such a test and even harder to maintain after we wrote the script or recorded the steps. We can use tools like selenium to manipulate the browser but still we have to write a significant amount of code to make it work. Capybara is a ruby library that aims to simplify writing acceptance tests for any web application. Out of the box provides a Domain Specific Language that makes writing steps for common functionality like following links, clicking buttons, etc very easy. Besides the DSL each scenario o feature can be tagged to indicate if we need javascript or not. That is very helpful when running automated test in the CI server. Join me to see how easy is to setup capybara, how we can start using it in minutes and how will change the way you are writing automated acceptance tests.

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