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Save Our Scrum

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May 1, 2015 3:00 PM

Dearborn Michigan

Dearborn Michigan

Ken Schwaber, a co-creator of scrum, says that only 25% of teams trying Scrum actually realize the gains they had hoped for. Another informal poll shows teams callling themselves "Scrumbut", "Scrumerfall", or "Scrumish" than actually claim to successful!

It is as if something conspires to make Scrum ineffective.

Let's get real. Scrum is designed to expose problems. It does not, by itself, solve the problems. In theory, Scrum provides a framework for the team to work through the solution themselves. In practice, politics, rhetoris, and lack of training often get in the way.

This talk is about understanding common Scrum problems and breaking through ruts.

In this conversation Matthew Heusser and Wade Wachs will discuss the heart of Scrum, where it goes wrong, how testing can enable Scrum success - and how team members can improve their visibility and role while contributing to Scrum and team long-term success.

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