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XSD and XQuery - What, Why and How

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February 9, 2011 2:00 AM



To support the growing popularity and acceptance of XML in data exchange, processing and management, SQL Server has been adding more and more XML features in the last few releases. Support for XSD and XQuery are two major XML features supported by SQL Server starting from SQL Server 2005. Everyone agrees that any parameters that comes into your stored procedure needs be validated. This validation is quite easy when dealing with atomic values such as INT or DATETIME data types. However, how do you validate an XML document and verify that the structure of the XML document as well as the data within it follow the validation rules?

This is where XML Schema Collections can help. SQL Server implements XSD support in the form of XML Schema Collections that allows you to validate XML documents against predefined rules. XQuery is to XML, what SQL is to relational tables. With SQL Server, you can write XQuery expressions using TSQL for querying, shaping or modifying XML documents stored in XML data type columns or variables.

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