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What's new in Hibernate: an opinionated cherry pick

A talk by emmanuelbernard

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February 24, 2011 2:00 PM

Best Western Hotel Ter Elst Ter Elststraat 310 B-2650 Edegem

Best Western Hotel Ter Elst Ter Elststraat 310 B-2650 Edegem

Java Persistence 2 is closing the gap and standardizes even more persistence related features. What does this mean in the context of the Hibernate project? Generally speaking, what's new in Hibernate?

In this session, we will check out the new features of Hibernate and in particular the one coming from Java Persistence 2. They will be explored via live coding sessions. We will explore:

the new type-safe Criteria API as well as its close brother the new Hibernate Static metamodel generator the new locking options and their consequences for your applications Infinispan's new second level cache fetch profiles the new partial generators and many more things We will also walk through what's beyond Hibernate Core: Hibernate has slowly grown from the ORM to a set of domain model centric tools like validation, full-text search and so on: Hibernate Validator and the Bean Validation specification Hibernate Envers and temporal data support Hibernate Search and full-text search for Hibernate applications. General knowledge of Hibernate or ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is preferred.

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