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.Net as an Awesome Startup Platform

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March 5, 2011 3:00 AM

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

The vast majority of startups today are build on PHP and Ruby. The startup community doesn't even consider .Net as an option. The perception is that .Net is a corporate development technology that is too expensive, takes too long to develop on, and is too difficult to change once initial development is done. There once was good reason for that perception, but now everything old is new again. With the advent of things like ASP.Net MVC, Bizspark, and Silverlight, .Net is now a very practical and exciting startup platform. In this presentation we'll look at a real startup HireFlo, which is built on ASP.Net MVC. We'll do a behind the scenes look at the entire product lifecycle, joining Bizspark, startup application architecture (and how it differs from large corporate architectures), why I still use ADO.Net rather than LINQ or EF, the product design process, and options for hosting.

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