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The Analysis of the Quality of the Work of the Franchise Handymen

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April 14, 2015 4:00 PM



There are two types of systems that avail the services of handy men to local public. One of them is through the independent operators. These handy men work as per the requirement and have no accountability. The second is through the franchises. These ensure the quality of the work done is good and are accountable since they come with a contract with a company. One such example of a franchise is the Sacramento Handyman. Sourcing from the Wikipedia, A team of reporters from the Wall Street Journal did an experiment to find out the efficiency as well as the prices charged among the handy men. They asked handy men around the country to do menial jobs like fixing a leak to putting up a cabinet. The results were baffling. The report concluded due to no fix standards and few quality requirements the prices of the work done vary drastically. The differed between two prices was as markedly vast as ten times. While the result also found out that hiring a handymen through a company does not guarantee good quality work. While there are services like that of Sacramento Handyman that deliver on their promises, there are franchises that may take up to few weeks to fix a door. The quality of the work done varies significantly and customers have nowhere to take their complaints to since they don’t get their phones answered. Some handy men do the worst of the jobs while there are some who can be vowed on their quality.

The important tips to keep in mind while looking for a handy men is to get estimates of the prices that will follow beforehand, if possible get a feedback of the work of the handy man, pay with cards so there is a record of the transaction. The Sacramento Handyman process most of their transactions through cards. While one can opt to do some fixing jobs around his own house however if a handy man is hired to do menial jobs there are various places in the United States that require the handy men to be listened or insured or both.

Many people use the term contractor interchangeably with the handy men. However, there is huge differed between the two. While the handy men are considered a jack of all trades, contractors hire more specialized people to do their bidding.

Handy men are often employed for small tasks like the following:

Jammed Garage door openers Installation of new shelves Heating system tuning Installation of sprinkler system

All in all, handy men that are hired via franchises may not come fully assured on quality but it can be propitious to hire them. While in some cases, the independent handy men may offer much more lucrative deal than those that come through the franchises. It is important on the behalf of the customer to pay attention to the kind of handy man they are hiring and always collect feedbacks from friends or on internet websites.

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