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A talk by Steph Hay at ConvergeSE 2015

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April 17, 2015 9:00 AM

Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC

We spend a lot of time trying to solve communication problems through design. We design first, write later, and end up iterating endlessly, only to start the process over again -- design first, words last.

What would happen if we wrote the words first -- agnostic of technology or channel -- and then designed an experience to bring those words to life?

That’s what Steph Hay and her content strategy team are doing at Capital One. She’ll show us content-first techniques — like content prototypes, language boards, and conversation maps — that result in faster learning, fewer iterations, a more cohesive voice and tone, and higher engagement.

Come to this talk if you want to learn:

The value of writing real content before there’s an interface Ways to introduce users to new content or interactions How to do Content-First Design in your work

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