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How to do what you love and survive while you’re at it

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April 17, 2015 1:30 PM

Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC

Daniel Stewart and Alex Wier break down starting-up and running a creative firm, sharing lessons and advice learned in their 8 years from 2 man operation (without funding) to 12 person creative firm. Without the benefit of any formal business education, they’ve made decisions (good and bad) based on guts, intuition and what is most likely a very different ethos than they’re teaching in school. Join in the fun as a couple of guys who just love what they do give their best advice, based on some brutal and humorous experience, on how to do what you love and survive while you’re at it. They’ll tell you what they’ve learned about leadership, management and strategy so you don’t have to suffer like they did to figure it out. Perfect for small and developing shops as well as freelancers working in the wild.

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