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Managing Feature Requests & Backlog

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April 17, 2015 4:30 PM

Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC

Applying LEAN principles to stay focused while engaging your stakeholders.

If you have ever worked on a project with external stakeholders (aka, not you) then you know how important it is to manage feature requests. When you are working on something small with just a few stakeholders, it is easy to track everything and keep your stakeholders engaged until everything is "done". But what do you do when the list of features is seemingly endless and the stakeholders numbers in the thousands?

I will discuss how we have applied LEAN principles and used Trello as our Kanban solution to manage our feature list, including our work in progress and feature backlog. We chose to do this "out in the open" where our customers (our stakeholders) could freely participate, comment, and generally help us prioritize features to ensure we remain focused on what is important.

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