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Really Bad Excuses to Not Have Life Insurance

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August 25, 2014 12:00 PM

We know a lot of you already recognize the importance of insurance, especially life insurance. However though, in the years of Axis Capital, with our group of insurance and reinsurance companies scattered from our main base in Bahamas to Singapore, America and United Kingdom, we have encountered a lot of people who has a lot of reason not to purchase one. Here are some of their points:

  1. I’m Young, Healthy, Won’t Die Anytime Soon and Just Don’t Need It

Life insurance’s main importance is to have SOMETHING TO LEAVE BEHIND FOR YOUR LOVED ONES WHEN YOU PASS AWAY. Often time’s people put off the things that they need for the things that they want. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that 99% of the families with dependent children in this country, NEED life insurance. No one buys life insurance with the hope or expectation of using it. Just like everyone has to buy car insurance without the expectation of needing it either. You purchase it with the hope that you won’t need it but can sleep sound at night knowing that if something happened to you, your family would be taken care of financially.

  1. I’ll Purchase It Sometime Soon or I Don’t Have Time For It

Procrastination is one of our biggest problems in society. Life insurance, though, is not one of those things that should be put aside till later. Despite the fact that we all believe we’ll live long lives, well into our senior years, the devastating effect that not having life insurance could have on your family is immeasurable.

  1. I Have Plenty Of Assets, I Don’t Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is meant to conserve an individual’s estate for their survivors, as well as replace lost income. Although expecting your surviving family members to review and liquidate their assets to make ends meet is not a horrible thing, or unheard of; it’s usually recommended that some types of assets are left whole for future income needs such as retirement accounts and other investment accounts.

  1. I Have Life Insurance Through Work

This is hard for developing countries which offer insurance not enough to cover even the tiniest expenses for their employees. In Jakarta, Indonesia some companies even offer ward for their medical needs. Solely depending on the life insurance provided through your employer to financially protect your family in the event of your death is a huge mistake. The life insurance you have through your job is typically only one to two times your salary. This is HARDLY enough to provide any adequate income protection for your spouse and dependents. A simple rule of thumb as to how much life insurance an income earner should have is seven to ten times their annual salary.

  1. It’s Going To Be Expensive

It is if you purchase yours from scams and fraud agents. Fact of the matter is you have to do your research a little and make sure you only get involved with legit companies which can provide quotes for you and agents who can adjust your premiums with your income.

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