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Desktop Last: What are we so afraid of?

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June 13, 2014 10:45 AM

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

For nearly every award-winning desktop experience we've seen or built this year, there is a breakpoint at which everything goes from immersive, revolutionary, and Rad™—to static, stacked and boring. They look fine and load fast (sometimes), but at smaller widths, our sites too often lack that special something that made the full size experience worth sharing. In an industry where the term "mobile first" is completely ubiquitous, why are smaller devices still treated as second class? This talk will address some of the common "mobile-first" hesitations our Front End Dev team regularly hears from Designers, UXers, Project Managers, Clients, and Sales, then get you pumped to break through uncertainty and Rad™ up the small screen universe.

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