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RIAs with the HTML5 History API. Goodbye Hashbang.

A talk by Benjamin Lupton

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April 16, 2011 1:15 PM

Hopefully the jQuery Conference San Francisco Bay Area 2011

Hopefully the jQuery Conference San Francisco Bay Area 2011

Rich Internet Applications have been something that has attracted interest since the dawn of time - yep those dinosaurs were thinking about RIAs back then too! Though somehow over time their development has become over-complicated and misused.

Issues such as the gawker hashbang issue plagued the news 2 weeks ago, due to their implementations of the hashbang. The hasbang is great for some very very specific purposes, but for the general public there are other alternatives available.

This talk will go into the evolution of the RIA and how with a few drop-in line of codes and some educated simplicity you'll be able to achieve better results; in terms of a better experience for your users as well as better compatibility, accessibility and maintainability.

By the end of the talk the audience will be fast-tracked with all the information they'll need to build a RIA in a few minutes with jQuery. It's really not that hard, if you know where to tap.

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