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Git: Under The Hood

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April 30, 2015 1:30 PM

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

This 3-hour workshop led by Ryan Irelan will start with a simple question: How many of you have used Git for your web projects?

And you will all raise your hands.

In "Git: Under the Hood" you will learn some intermediate to advanced Git skills.

We'll start off learning:

how Git stores data (the "plumbing and porcelain"), why commit objects matter and how they're used for nearly everything in Git, and the secret of git-stash.

After learning some Git internals we will then move into practical examples and tools you can use immediately. You will learn:

intermediate to advanced usage of important workflow tools and commands (the Git verbs), how to find whatever you want about the history of a repository, and, the commands and information you need to get out of a jam and solve your Git problems.

The workshop will end with a group-led Q&A session so we can share information and experience with each other.

The course will include:

A copy of the slides used in the course (PDF) Access to any demonstrated Git repositories (Github) Written examples and explantations (PDF/HTML)

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