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If I Have 2 Weeks Spent Traveling South East Asia

A talk by Wesley Stone

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May 5, 2015 5:00 AM

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

South East Asia has a lot of tourist spots that an allotted time of two weeks will definitely be very tight for you to experience it all. Testing the thought itself, Weshill Consulting Travel and Tours had packed up and set out to tour South East Asia in just two weeks.

First things first though, what we learned during our expedition is that if you only have two weeks, consider just picking one country. Some 2-week itineraries out there suggest flying everywhere to see all the highlights, but it's better to pick only a couple of highlights and then build your trip around those. So better do your reviews now.

Bangkok, Phuket Thailand

If this is your first South-East Asia visit, your best bet is probably Thailand. While it's the most tourist-y and crowded country in the region, it's also the type of destination that can be whatever you want it to be. The country is hugely popular with first-time backpackers and with good reason: it can still be very cheap, the food is phenomenal, travel logistics are easy and there are a lot of interesting attractions.

Bangkok is relatively close to the equator, so do not underestimate the heat. Start out early if you can, because temple-tramping during the afternoon heat is draining and there won't be much air-conditioning along the way. Drink enough fluids, but don't carry huge bottles of water in your backpack, as there are plenty of convenience stores selling cooled beverages. As you will be walking most of the time, wear comfortable shoes and dress for the climate. This is the best place to go when you are planning to sight see. Through walking for a day, you can experience and witness a lot.

Jakarta, Indonesia

This place is a cross breed between civilization and tradition and you can opt to experience both at the same time. Do not worry about scams as they are now slowly being dissolved in the area. You can visit Ancol Dreamland, the National Museum or go shopping and eating with exotic foods. You can also experience cool massage and spa which is a must when you go to Indonesia. We assure you that you can never have any complaints when visiting this place.


Now that you have gone to the cultures of Asia, you can also experience how Asia has truly developed. In Singapore, which is considered the most expensive place to be in the world, you can splurge your luxury and feel the wealth of Asia as well as their creativity in the Garden City of the World.

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