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Functional JavaScript

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June 27, 2015 12:00 PM

San Diego, California

San Diego, California

For most of its nearly 20 years, developers have tried to make JavaScript more like other imperative languages like Java and C#, but was that wise? Unlike those languages JavaScript doesn't have class inheritance or information hiding, but it does possess high order functions. What are high order functions? Function which can both be sent to functions and return from functions. This allows JavaScript to be programmed more functionally.

Functional languages like lisp, scheme, clojure, and haskell espose the beauty of pure functions. What are pure functions? Functions which always produce the same output when given the same input without mutating any variables along the way. This also makes it trivially easy to compose new functions by combining older ones, while in imperative languages, creating composable objects can be rocket science hard. The difference between functional and imperative programming can be described as the difference between telling the computer what to do (functional) and how to do it (imperative).

Functional programming can be a bit difficult to wrap your head but in this session I will give some examples of common programming problems that we face everyday in JavaScript and see how functional programming can help us.

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