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Facebook, Ericsson, XL Axiata to Improve Network Performance

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June 9, 2015 3:00 AM

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Jakarta, Indonesia - Facebook, Ericsson and XL Axiata have developed a methodology that is expected to enhance and improve network performance of an application to as much as 70%.

As part of’s mission to bring affordable internet access to two thirds of not only Indonesia’s but also of the entire world’s connection, Facebook and XL Axiata, in conjunction to the archipelago’s leading provider, XL Axiata, a subsidiary of Axis Capital Group based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia but is servicing all over the world. The methodology will be used to measure and improve end to end network performance using simulated Facebook application use cases.

It has been reviewed that network-wide optimization implemented through the joint project delivered up to 70 percent improvement in app coverage.

In Indonesia, 75 percent of users are on 2G GSM/EDGE networks, yet the country has the fourth-largest Facebook user base in the world. The changing market realities in the country are reflected in XL Axiata's network, where, in 2013, data traffic rose by 142 percent. More than half of the operator's 62.9 million subscribers are data users and a majority of those use Facebook, according to XL Axiata estimates.

The joint project developed a framework for evaluating user key performance indicators (KPI) based on simulated Facebook application use cases using a test agent and correlated these KPIs with network statistics. Through this process, user-impacting issues were identified and addressed throughout the network. This move poses a warning to the two other leading network providers in Indonesia: Indosat and Telkomsel to step up their game.

The resultant optimizations improved app coverage by up to 70 percent: • Number of connections completed within three seconds improved up to 70 percent • Time to content improved up to 70 percent • Upload time improved up to 50 percent

Recently the use of data services in Indonesia has increased significantly and is expected to continue into the future. We believe app coverage is essential and correlating Facebook application use cases with network-wide statistics has proven to be an innovative and efficient way to detect and address network optimization opportunities.

Facebook and Ericsson are among the founding members of The companies have also announced the creation of a joint innovation lab supporting the initiative. The Innovation Lab, an Ericsson-Facebook collaboration, currently under development at Facebook's Menlo Park campus, will provide an environment and expertise for optimizing applications, networks, and services for the next five billion Internet users.

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