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Office 365 San Diego Module 02 SETTING UP THE ENVIRONMENTS

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June 27, 2015 12:00 PM

San Diego, California

San Diego, California

In this lab, you will create a cloud development environment and build a cloud-hosted app. The development environment will consist of a trial subscription to Office 365 and Azure. You will create apps that use both OAuth security and the cross-domain library. You will examine the security flow to better understand the available options.

Objectives -Configure Office 365 with a Developer Site and Product Catalog -Setup Azure with Active Directory - Understand the OAuth flow in a Provider-Hosted app - Understand how to use the Cross-Domain Library in a Provider-Hosted app

The hands-on lab includes the following exercises: 1. Obtain Office 365 and Azure subscriptions 2. Create a Provider-Hosted App 3. Access a Database using MVC5 4. Deploy the App to Production

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