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How UX Research Fits Into An Agile Process

A talk by Kyle Soucy

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February 26, 2014 7:00 PM

Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, NH

Fitting UX research into an Agile development process is hard, but not impossible. When working in an Agile development process, UX researchers are faced with a lot of questions... Should you do staggered or parallel sprints? Should you fit all your research into a "Sprint Zero"? Should you plan design spikes? All of these topics and more will be discussed during this talk. Are you new to Agile? Not to worry, an overview of the difference between conducting research in a waterfall vs. agile development process will be covered as well as a review of the pros and cons of each. Kyle will share three different options for incorporating UX research into an Agile development process and present real case studies from her own research projects. You will come away from this talk with a better understanding of the Agile development process and how UX research can be successfully incorporated.

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