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Behavior Modes for UX

A talk by loususi

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July 16, 2015 6:00 PM

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA

UX teams go to extraordinary efforts to outsource or research a set of personas to inform critical design decisions. Yet often these fictional artifacts of our early research become merely ghostly reminders of the people that use our designs in the real world. How can we better leverage these interesting character portraits? Can we somehow bring them to life to get a richer understanding of the experiences we’re designing? Behavior Modes introduces a new set of anticipated temporal complexities that nicely map to personas and scenarios, helping us to evolve more and more realistic stories with each iteration to drive key decisions throughout the UX design process.

About lou. At Arbor Networks’ Security Experience Innovation Labs, lou suSi guides the way to long-term, strategic, 'Blue Sky' prototyping and immersive testing for the firm’s critically acclaimed DDoS application suite for Arbor's enterprise and service provider customers. And as Director of Human Awareness Research for myOwnMind, LLC, lou delves into his more personal and passionate entrepreneurial-side by designing unusually brilliant, inspiring storyFirst experiences that frequently touch upon Design for Good. lou has also taught a rather unique and tactile human centered interaction design course at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is slated to teach UX in the near-future for Brandeis' Graduate Professional Studies program.

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