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Prepping Your Team for the Big Pitch

A talk by Zach Robbins at Inbound 2015

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September 10, 2015 5:00 PM

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

You’ve made it. You’re at the final stage of closing a big deal. You have just have one final step: the pitch. You’ll soon find yourself in a room with the prospect’s C-suite execs on one side, your team on the other. Sure, you can control what you’re going to say, and are confident that you can make a good impression, but how can you ensure that everyone else on your side of the table will do the same? I’ll discuss ways to adequately prepare your team for that big meeting, what information to share or not share, how much prep time to give, how to simulate the pitch, and how to see it all happen from the client’s eyes before it happens.

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