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A talk by Henrik Joreteg at edUi 2015

About the Talk

November 10, 2015 2:15 PM

Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville, VA

Building Simple but Powerful JavaScript Apps

As it turns out, building clean, maintainable JS applications is hard.

There are so many tool kits, so many ways to structure code, so many possible best practices! How do we keep things simple?

In this half-day workshop, Henrik Joreteg will de-mystify JavaScript applications for you by highlighting the underlying problems frameworks aim to solve.

You’ll build a well-structured application all the way from start to deployment. At each step along the way, decisions will be explained, and code patterns and tools will be recommended that help steer your JS code toward simplicity and maintainability.

The application produced will use parts of Ampersand.js, an open source JS MVC (MV* actually) framework developed and used by Henrik and &yet, which evolved out of Backbone.js.

Central to what Henrik will teach, however, is a flexible approach to JS development that makes use of the most appropriate npm (aka NodeJS or CommonJS) modules to suit the needs of your app or your goals and preferences. For example, Facebook’s React will be introduced as one way to handle the view layer of an application.

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