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When Agile becomes Fr-agile

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September 18, 2015 11:00 AM

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

So you have heard of "Code Smells". Have you heard of "Agile Smells"? Yes or no, this session is for you (us).

Piquing your interest? Are you wanting to get a taste of some of the Agile smells? Below are some of them: * Belated Stand-ups * Non-participative stand-ups * War-zone Retrospectives * Unfruitful Sprint planning meeting * Zero-Test development * Inverted Test Pyramid development * Hierarchical Roles * Velocity Driven Development

The purpose of the talk is for the audience to reflect on their every-day Agile experience back in their offices, help them laugh out their mistakes, carry lesson from the talk in light-hearted, brain-friendly way, and finally apply the lessons learnt back in their workplaces.

Delivery Style of talk: * Extremely Interactive * Story-telling * Quizzes and fun

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