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User Research Beyond Usability

A talk by Christian Rohrer

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January 29, 2009 8:00 AM

Most User Experience practitioners know a couple of research methods fairly well and use them repeatedly, but very few have a strong grasp of the entire landscape of research and analytic methods or when to use which method. For example, despite publication of the method, few practitioners employ the use of desirability studies, a method of assessing which attributes a particular design possesses in the minds of the target audience. In addition, there isn’t a common understanding of when it is appropriate to harness the power of quantitative methods and when a qualitative approach will yield more useful insights, nor how they complement each other.

In this hour-long Future Practice Webinar, User Experience Leader Christian Rohrer will provide a framework for understanding and explaining different user research methods, delve into details on a few of the lesser-known methods, such as desirability and true intent studies, and then discuss key insights to succeed in modern-day corporate environments.

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